WHMIS 2015 / GHS Training & Certification

This engaging 3-4 hour course delves into crucial topics, emphasizing the significance of adhering to the laws and regulations established by Manitoba Workplace Safety & Health.

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Throughout the program, participants will gain a deep understanding of the transition from WHMIS 1988 to WHMIS 2015, unraveling key changes and updates. Exploring the identification of hazardous products in the workplace, attendees will empower themselves with the ability to recognize potential risks and hazards.


Classroom Session Topics

  • The importance of following and abiding by the laws and regulations set out and enforced by Manitoba Workplace Safety & Health.
  • The course will cover information about the new WHMIS 2015 and the changes from the older WHMIS 1988.
  • Students will be able to determine what hazardous products are used in the workplace.
  • Students will learn their responsibilities, the responsibilities of the employer and the suppliers and how to obtain the current SDS. (Formally MSDS)
  • How to read labels, WHMIS 2015 Pictograms and SDSs, and use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • How to develop safe work procedures and how to deal with emergencies.
  • How to handle, use and store the existing workplace chemicals safely.

Practical Session

  • Review and conduct an "Operator's Daily Pre-Start Inspection" checklist
  • Driving Evaluation based on good and safe operating techniques.

Further Course Information

  • Diploma and wallet-sized certificate issued by Province Wide Safety Training Ltd
  • Certification on behalf of your company, signed by the employer
  • Driving evaluations conducted at your company location and on the equipment used for regular duties

Key Details

  • The minimum class size is 6 for onsite training, or we can add your employees to the next available course.
  • Certification is valid for 3 years, ensuring a continued commitment to safety and expertise in skid steer operation.
  • Weekend and evening courses are available.

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