Province Wide Safety Training Ltd Professional Consulting Services Provides Support to Employers Who Require Third-party Support to Achieve Their Health and Safety Goals.

We  can assist your business with:

  • Developing New Worker Orientation Manuals and Programs.
  • Create Job Position Specific Checklists for supervisor and/or management.
    • Develop Job Position Specific Training Programs. 
  • Developing Employee Health & Safety Manual.
    • Create policies and procedures.
  • Create and maintain a Health & Safety Committee.
  • Complete Job Hazard Analysis's (JHA's) and develop written Safe Work Procedures (SWP'S) or Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's).
  • Conduct an initial workplace inspection and audit to create a recommended workplace improvement list.
    • Conduct future scheduled or unscheduled audits to maintain your companies Occupational Health and Safety Program compliance.
    • Review your current Health and Safety Procedures and Control Measures.
    • Assess the health and safety of everyone involved in your workplace; such as employees, contractors and visitors.
    • Create a written report identifying hazards and gaps in your current safety program.
  • Create customized training specifically for your workplace. 
  • Develop a step by step program to create, implement and maintain a Health and Safety Program for your workplace. 
  • Conduct Supervisor/Management Responsibilities Training.
  • Support you to achieve or maintain your CORâ„¢ or SECORâ„¢ certification. 

Contact us with any questions, or to schedule a free initial onsite consultation.

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