Online Health & Safety Training Courses are a low cost and convienence way to train yourself, or for an employer to train employees from any computer anywhere.

Online Health & Safety Training courses offered by Province Wide Safety Training Ltd, are Canada's leading workplace online training courses. 


Our Online Training Courses are First-Rate - Real world videos,custom graphics and top-rate production encourages interaction and increases knowledge retention. 

Save time and Money - Online Health & Safety Courses are done from any computer at anytime. No need to stop production, less downtime, increase production and most importantly... a safer workplace for everyone.

Training Records are Kept for you - Training is assigned, monitored and recorded through our Learning Management System (LMS). This saves time and money if you are ever required to prove due diligence by safety authorities or Worker Compensation Boards.

Are you looking for employment or a new Job? - Add to your resume with online courses making yourself more employable, and an asset to your future employer.

Complete any of the courses during your schedule, from anywhere and then print off your wallet sized and wall diploma immediately.

Province Wide Safety Training Ltd. offers Canada's Leading Online Training 

Online Health & Safety Training Courses by Province Wide Safety Training Ltd.