Motorcycle Safety Online

What you should know before you ride

Canada Safety Council is pleased to offer Motorcycle Safety Online – What you should know before you ride.

Are you a new rider or has it been some time since you’ve been on a motorcycle? Motorcycle Safety Online offers an economical, professional way to assist riders – new or experienced – in improving their skills and knowledge to ride safely.

This program will be of value to those who are thinking about obtaining their motorcycle license, are considering enrolling in a motorcycle safety course, and/or would like to know what is involved in the sport of motorcycling. It is also suitable for those who obtained their license many years ago and want a refresher, or for those who plan on riding again after being away from it for many years.

An overview of the items covered in this two hour program are:

  • Introduction to Motorcycles
  • Why take a Motorcycle Safety Course
  • Motorcycle Controls, Features &  accessories
  • Riding Gear – It’s between you and the road
  • Getting Ready to Ride
  • Situational Riding Skills
  • Safe Riding Techniques
  • Lane Positioning
  • Decision-Making Abilities

Motorcycle Safety Online uses first-rate, best in class, multi-media sessions, and is created with custom graphics and real world videos designed to encourage interaction and increase knowledge retention. The main goal is to keep you, the rider, safe.

There are some hidden benefits to taking this online program BEFORE you ride, especially for new riders…

  • Save money by buying the right gear the first time.
  • Find out what motorcycle size and style best suit your needs.
  • Learn about licensing and insurance requirements.

Suit up, be safe and we look forward to seeing you on the road this summer

Online Motorcycle Safety by Province Wide Safety Training Ltd.

Price Per Course: $34.95

Length of the course is approximately 75 minutes

You're just one click away from being trained.